OpenSSH Hardening Tips

27 Jun, 2020 - 4 minutes

In this post I’ve collected some tips to harden the default OpenSSH configuration on an Ubuntu LTS server. SSH protocol is usually used to connect to a remote machine securely. There are a lot of configuration options which can be used to make a server more secure. Disabling some features can help too if they are not needed.

Using fzf to quick access my notes from the cli

19 Jan, 2020 - 4 minutes
I wanted to create a simple script to quickly access my notes from the command line. fzf is a great and flexible tool which can be used to fuzzy search in the given input, like the file names in my notes directory. I already use it to search in the command line history and in vim to open files with fzf.vim. In this post I will walk you through how I built my note script using fzf.

My Hugo setup for GitHub pages

23 Nov, 2017 - 4 minutes
In this post I will introduce my current Hugo setup. I will show you how I configured the git repositories, how I write new posts and how easy it is to publish the generated site on GitHub pages. With a static site generator like Hugo it is really easy to create a blogging environment where your posts and your site is version controlled and stored in git. Why I’ve changed my first setup I’ve tried to use one git repository for the generated site and for the posts in markdown together.

Hello world!

22 Apr, 2017 - 1 minutes
Hi, my name is Gyorgy Orban and I work as a software developer. I thougth about starting a technical blog a long time ago and now it’s time to start it. My goal with this blog is to organize, archive and share my thoughts. I plan to post about the projects I’m working on or about technologies I find interesting and useful. Stay tuned for my next post!